Working with SaaS and Tech Companies to Optimize Their
Go-to-Market Strategy

We help CEOs dramatically increase the value of their business and build the foundation for the next stage of growth.

3 Pillars of GTM Success


Creating alignment and removing friction between Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Channel is imperative in order to scale to the next phase of growth.


When a comprehensive GTM Strategy is incorporated into a strong culture, there is exponential growth. We work with CEOs on strategies to maintain and enhance their culture.


A challenge for a company at any stage is recruiting and retaining top talent. We help create recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding processes to hire and retain top talent

Value-Add Services

Optimize pricing/packages

Reduce churn to significantly increase valuation

Ideal customer profile and segmentation strategy

Reduce discounts to increase lifetime value (LTV)

Align marketing/sales/CS/
channel teams

Speed to lead improvements to win more deals

Revise compensation plans to drive the right behavior

Create forecasting consistency

Tech stack analysis

Channel strategy formation

Create clear differentiation from competition

Increase gross and net retention

Create expansion revenue streams

Move customer success from reactive to proactive

Increase win percentages

Create processes to hire and retain top talent

Atlas Engagements

Assessment & Build

  • The assessment starts with a deep dive into your current GTM Strategy. This includes extensive research, 1:1s and audits looking at close to 40 critical components of your business.
  • Your GTM Build is then created based on the assessment and our recommendations.


  • Following our GTM Build, we offer various implementation services.
  • These range from founder lead consulting and advisory services to long term engagements where we pair our clients with a fractional GTM Executive to ensure successful adoption cross-departmentally.


  • Custom advisory, consulting and fractional engagements available as well.
  • All long term engagements with a fractional GTM Executive include advisory services from the founder.

Meet Our Founder

Dave Thomson

I’m data driven

Understanding the critical data points of what drives a business forward is mandatory if you want to accelerate growth. If you don’t understand where the business is being challenged, or where the opportunity lies, then it will be impossible to truly optimize.

I love mentoring others

When I look back at the various accomplishments of my career, nothing is more meaningful than knowing that I had a part in helping someone grow in their career. Working with those taking on their first leadership role or working with tenured leaders on specific areas they’d like to improve has given me a wonderful sense of fulfillment. I’m a better leader myself because of it.

I’m customer focused

My clients, and my client’s customers, are of the utmost importance to me. I feel that for any business to be wildly successful, you need to have alignment across all departments on the importance of the customer. My success, and my client’s success, hinges on this.

I’m a Family Man

Whether it’s going on a hike, playing tennis with my daughter, going to the newest local restaurant, or getting a beat down in Scrabble, I make sure to keep a healthy balance between work and family.

I’m an avid Golfer

When not working with clients or hanging out with my family, you can generally find me on the golf course chasing the elusive even par round.

As CRO, led two companies (Allbound & Winmo) in the last 5 years to successful exits.

Worked with multiple companies as a Board Member and as an Advisor.

Close to 20 years of experience in scaling SaaS companies.

2021 Globee Awards CRO of
the Year.

Led international expansion into EMEA in each of the last two roles.

Experienced in M&A, having lead point and strategy on four accretive acquisitions.


CEO of Winmo

Dave Currie

“As CRO at Winmo, Dave was instrumental in the tremendous growth we experienced, leading to our successful transaction in 2018. He keenly understands GTM strategy and what levers to pull when. For investors and executive teams of emerging SaaS companies, partner with Dave and Atlas Revenue Group to design and build your foundation for future success.”

CEO of Allbound

Daniel Graff-Radford

“Hiring Dave Thomson was one of the best decisions I made at Allbound. He is a very thoughtful, even-tempered leader. Two of his greatest strengths lie in his data driven approach and his high integrity.”

CEO of SmartAction

Kyle Johnson

“I saw first-hand Dave’s ability to create a scalable and repeatable GTM strategy while at Allbound. What he was able to accomplish in just his first 12 months was incredibly impressive, driving 50%+ growth during Covid, opening up the first International office in London and making numerous changes to drastically increase ACV, net retention, generate more multi year agreements and vastly reduce discounting. He has a knack for hiring amazing talent.”

VP of Sales

Jason Howell

“I’ve known Dave for over a decade and consider him one of the brightest GTM executives out there. I came to know Dave when his company acquired mine, and he did an amazing job of incorporating the teams, building a unified culture and creating the GTM strategy to capitalize on the acquisition. If you’re a SaaS company looking to scale, I’d hire the Atlas team in a heartbeat.”

CEO of Workopti

Elkanah Reed

“Dave has been an amazing advisor to me as I’ve begun laying the framework for our GTM strategy. His advice on pricing, ICP, pipeline, and positioning has been invaluable. He’s also incredibly well connected and has looped me in with some great prospects and mentors.”

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