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The Story of Atlas

I built Atlas Revenue Group having experienced first-hand how small changes to a company’s Go-to-Market strategy can add millions to their valuation.

SaaS CEOs in the sub-20M ARR range universally have challenges with their GTM strategy. Their pricing isn’t optimized, discounting is too heavy, churn is too high, alignment between departments isn’t there, and they can’t afford to take the risk, nor incur the expense, of bringing on a full-time CRO.  I wanted to cater specifically to these CEOs by helping them optimize their GTM strategy, lay the foundation for future growth, and do so without incurring the financial risk.

Additionally, I know that a strong GTM strategy is just part of the equation.  To really accelerate growth, you need to pair this strategy with a strong culture and talented people.  I’ve helped build award winning cultures based on transparency, recognition, accountability, and trust. I wanted to be able to not only share these methods I’ve developed to foster these cultures, but also share the processes I’ve developed to help improve hiring and increase employee retention.

Finally, as an advisor myself, I know that even the most successful founders didn’t do it alone. I reached out to the most successful leaders I know in various GTM functions and I’m incredibly excited to have an amazing advisory team to help guide me along this journey.

Atlas Advisor Team

Channel Growth

Dave Casillo

2x CRO, 6+ years of building and growing global channels for Enterprise software vendors and 13+ years of experience as an executive in a Solution Provider and a Distributor.


Tree McGlown

CRO and cofounder of Sideqik (recently sold) – GTM expert with extensive investor relations experience. Active on multiple boards and startup investor.


Jennifer Hopkins

3x CMO, lead multiple companies to successful exits and a demand gen wizard.

Customer Success

Whitney Hagan

As VP of Customer Success, helped build and scale a global CS team from under $5M to over $20M in ARR.


Billy Boydston

RevOps leader and former COO, with extensive experience in GTM strategy, segmentation, operations, and all things CRM.

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